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CRC 2-26

CRC 2-26

CRC 2-26

Now Is The Time For You To Know About Electronic Contact Cleaner Spray

Contact Cleaner Spray is the perfect product for efficiently cleaning components that are hard to reach or at times, non-disposable. A special additive in the spray repels moisture and prevents corrosion by repelling water droplets. The high-pressure force enables it to access otherwise inaccessible parts like spark plugs, contact breakers, and other vital electrical components. Electronic Contact Cleaner Spray is also suitable for degreasing cleaned parts with its super-efficient formula as it does not contain ammonia and other dangerous chemicals that can have an adverse reaction on certain plastics. There are chemicals out there in the world which help to minimize the wetting current across a pair of contacts.


We “Pal Tools Stores’’ are a leading distributor & supplier of Contact Cleaner Spray under the brand name CRC. We offer its contact cleaner spray for professionals looking for a simple way to protect contacts from corrosion or electrical shorts! This high-purity formulation removes environmental contaminants and protects contacts from corrosion and deterioration. We strive to provide everyone from the everyday consumer to the large corporation with high-quality, cost-effective instruments. Our goal is to not only meet our customers' expectations but also exceed them.

We offer a variety of Contact Cleaner Spray namely CRC 2-26, CRC QD Contact Cleaner, and CRC Contact Cleaner.

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CRC 2-26 Electronic Contact Cleaner Spray


CRC 2-26 is a multipurpose lubricant and corrosion protectant that keeps electrical and electronic components dry and in good shape. The anti-corrosive, non-staining formula has great penetrating power to protect against water, condensation, humidity, and more. It prevents electronic and electrical malfunction caused by water penetration, corrosion, humidity, and condensation. The low surface tension, high capillary action formula, stable provide great strengthening and spreading power.

Characteristics of CRC 2-26 Electronic Contact Cleaner Spray

Carbon dioxide propellant, providing a product active content of 95%.

Cleansed, protects, lubricates, penetrates, and loosens corrosion

Free of chlorides and nitrates.

Can be used to reduce electrical values

Lubrication of flux-cored electrodes provides thinner, high dielectric strength film that enables the formation of consistent and reliable weld beads.

Uses natural occurrences to bring damaged electronics back from the brink of disaster.

Stinging oil quickly strengthens incredibly small spaces, freeing metal parts and making it easier to turn screws and clean rusted tools.

When applied properly, this polish can be used on most metals and alloys. It's very versatile.

Applications of CRC 2-26

Protects equipment used for water treatment. It keeps your electrical circuits in order, shutting down connectors before the inevitable happens.

Penetrates to loosen corroded parts such as nuts, bolts, valves, and locks.

Cleans carbon deposits and rest of old oils and greases, adhesives, corrosion, and paint.

Lubricates moving parts such as switch gears, starters,  motors, chains, and engines

 CRC QD Contact Cleaner

A petroleum distillate-based alcohol cleaner is a good alternative to traditional cleaners that contain chlorofluorocarbons. It can safely clean sensitive electronic equipment and fiberglass while removing flux residues from connecting pins. Alcohol cleaning fluid can remove the gunk left on your devices after years of use and is a lot less expensive than other alternatives.

Characteristics of QD Electronic Contact Cleaner

Dries fast, leaves no residue, and is safe for use in all conditions.

Removes soil and other contaminants without damaging electrical or electronic components.

Ideal for use in applications where flammable solvents can be used.

Recommended for electrical equipment, plastics, and all sensitive electronics. Evaporates quickly leaves no residue, and is safe to use on delicate surfaces. Use where low flash products are acceptable at a highly competitive price.

CRC Co Contact Cleaner Spray

CRC CO Contact Cleaner is a unique, multipurpose formula that will safely remove dirt and residue from hard-to-reach places on plastic surfaces. As if the above reasons were not enough, CRC CO Contact Cleaner also contains the well-known compound 0.003% of COZOL which enhances its cleaning power without damaging plastics. This formula works fast and has an evaporation rate of 10 to 24 hours at 77°F with no pollution. Don't let your wheels or tires be neglected over time - keep them in tip-top shape to avoid cracks, scratches, etc. CRC CO Contact Cleaner is specifically formulated to clean exterior plastic surface areas on vehicles such as car rims and more!

Characteristics of Co-Contact Cleaner

Cleaning fluids that are quickly evaporating minimize the time needed before one can move directly onto production or service operations.

Residue Free. Prevents harmful development and removes rinsing or cleaning.

Applications of Co-Contact Cleaner

CRC CO Contact Cleaner is perfect for cleaning: Jacks, Relays, Plugs, Switches, Circuit Breakers, Video Heads / Drums, Alarm, and Signal Systems, Laboratory, and Test equipment Printed Circuit Boards, Connectors, Generators (Carbon Brushes), Contacts (Phone Lines) and Terminals (Expansion Strip).





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